Do you have what it takes to be a social media ambassador?

We are looking for social media-savvy people to help us spread the word about our mission! Your network of friends, family and co-workers could help us connect with new supporters who are interested in supporting our work.  We invite you to participate in extending our reach by becoming a Social Media Ambassador. Help raise awareness of our charity on social media and at the same time, raise OUR awareness of you!

We will highlight our ambassadors' amazing work on our website and social media!

Become a Social Media Ambassador

Ambassadorship is one way to volunteer - no application required! Simply sign up to receive #RRAmbassador emails (the sign up form is on this page). We are active on several social media platforms. We’ll give you the scoop on programs and projects and highlight relevant hashtags.

What We’re Asking Ambassadors to Do

In addition to reading #RRAmbassador emails:

  • Add us on your favorite social media platforms.

  • Share your stories and what you love about us– maybe an upcoming event, a recent post, anything.

  • Use a certain hashtag when we encourage you to do so – for instance, tell others “I am an #RRAmbassador” to show your support.

What network(s) can you help us on?

Thanks for submitting!